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If you have your garage doors regularly and professionally serviced – particularly having the moving parts lubricated – every six months or so, they should keep working smoothly for many years.

Wear and tear and damage can however sometimes result in your electric garage door failing to work properly, and you will need to consult a garage door specialist to repair it.

Diamond Doors understand that having the contents of your garage kept safe and secured by a functional door is vital, especially with opportunistic crime on the increase. We therefore run a specialised emergency garage door repair service, ready, willing and able to attend to any repairs at short notice.

We stock all the necessary parts to make repairs on the spot, including electrical components.

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We are fully equipped, trained and experienced to correct any mechanical failure, accidental damage or damage resulting from an attempted burglary.

We are based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, but our emergency garage door repair service covers all of Wiltshire and Somerset.

Generally, it is possible to repair rather than replace defective garage doors, unless they are very old and degraded or have sustained massive damage.

If you suspect a problem with your garage doors don’t delay – call in our professional team before the issue becomes worse when repairs will be more complex and probably more expensive.

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Malfunctioning Garage Doors

Signs that your electric automatic garage door is malfunctioning and needs attention include:
The door seeming to be very slow in opening and closing.

This could be a problem with the torsion spring system and needs to be checked by a technician. Stay away from the door until repairs have been made because there is the danger of damaged springs and/or cables snapping with great force.

The door vibrates or jerks as it operates.

This may signal a worn or broken lifting cable, or a roller that has jolted out of its track.

You need an expert to identify the problem and fix it.

The door starts to close, but then jumps open again.

This might be a misalignment or break of the photo eyes that operate the remote door opening sensor. Call an expert as soon as possible because the photo eyes are an important safety feature that prevent the garage doors from closing on top of someone or something.

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Warranty and Maintenance

All the garage doors we install are the best quality brands – such as Garador and Cardale – which are extremely durable and reliable.

In fact we are so confident in our new garage door installations that we offer a warranty as part of our customer service. We know that new garage doors are a big investment in your home, adding convenience, security and kerb appeal. To keep your doors in tip-top condition we offer regular maintenance and servicing of your garage doors. Well cared for they should keep operating for decades.

If you would like a maintenance check, or suspect your garage door needs repairs, contact us today for a no-obligation assessment and quotation.

As part of our maintenance program we apply lubricants and check all rollers tracks, latches hinges and bearings. It is important to have your garage door regularly inspected. We stock all the necessary parts and have the experience and knowledge to replace them quickly. We are able to supply accessories, including electrical components.

Diamond Doors Wiltshire are on hand at short notice to help secure their customers’ garages (and contents!) and can advise on added security measures if required. The team also offers regular maintenance services to ensure that all parts are working well and the mechanism will work trouble free for years to come.

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