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Automated Garage Doors Wiltshire

Imagine the comfort and convenience of arriving home in the gloom of a wintry evening after a long day and being able to press a button to effortlessly open your garage door. The light comes on, you glide in and the door closes securely behind the car. Real luxury!

It is indeed a luxury, but one that is within the reach of all of us. You can have an electric door operator fitted to your garage at a surprisingly low cost. Besides the convenience there is also a very valuable security aspect to having a remote-controlled garage door, particularly one with an integral anti-burglar device built in, preventing the door from being forced open.

Here at Diamond Doors we have all the technology it takes to quickly and efficiently automate and secure your garage door. The high quality Garador electric door operators we install have a powerful and sophisticated belt drive action that is reliable and secure, and they come with two hand transmitters enabling you to open your garage door without having to leave the car, or from inside the house.

The automatic door operator comes with bi-directional radio technology that provides a reliable signal over longer distances than most other devices, meaning you can open your door from further away before you actually reach the driveway. You can also use the hand transmitter to remotely check whether the door is open or closed when you are out of sight of it.

The system also allows for a quick opening speed of around 22cm per second, exceptionally smooth and silent operation, and has a “half open” setting when required for ventilation, with automatic safety reversal. When the door opens the integral (adjustable) halogen light turns on.

Power consumption is surprisingly low, and the technology ensures no-one can copy the transmitter radio signal, since the entry code is selected from more than 1-billion possibilities.

You don’t have to worry about a power failure locking you out of your garage, because there is an emergency override feature, operated by a pull cord from inside the garage. If there is no other access to the garage besides the garage door we can install an external emergency override.

Proferssional Experts

Our professional team of experts are able to install an automatic garage door opener on existing Up and Over and sectional garage doors, or any type of older style garage door, up to around 16 feet wide.

Based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, we install automatic garage door openers across Wiltshire and Somerset.

Having the right products and components is only half of the job, however. A lot depends on how well the automatic door opener is installed, particularly on older doors that may require some adaptations.

Our team enjoy a challenge and a chance to show off their expertise, and will leave you with smooth opening doors and a warranty.

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If you’ve always dreamed of enjoying the benefits of an automatic garage door, contact us for a consultation and no-obligation quotation. We’ll soon have you arriving in style.

Ultra Secure


Security is provided by the integral anti-burglar device preventing the door from forced unauthorised entry.

With the greatest range of ultra-secure bi-directional hand transmitters using 128-bit encryption, you can also check the door position via the transmitter when you are not in sight of the door.

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