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Roller Garage Doors Wiltshire

Roller garage doors (also known as roller shutter garage doors) are like a curtain or blind that is fitted inside the doorway opening and opens by rolling up around a spindle in the ceiling space.

This is a compact and neat garage door solution that works well, with smooth operation and no internal tracks.

For installation you need to have a small amount of clear structural brickwork on the inside of the sides of the garage doorway, and about 450mm of clearance between the bottom of the lintel and the garage ceiling, to accommodate the rolled-up door (also called the curtain roll).

Roller garage doors do not have a door frame, so you can make use of the whole width of the garage opening – ideal if you have a large vehicle. Apart from the curtain roll just above the doorway opening on the inside, this type of garage door also does not obstruct any of the ceiling space inside the garage.

Top Quality brands

At Diamond Doors we supply and fit a range of different top-quality brands of roller doors, sourced from the best-known manufacturers.

We do not believe in using cheap components when we install roller garage doors, because the moving parts need to be durable and well connected in order to be reliable and keep working for many years. The doors themselves are made of horizontal slats which come in a variety of materials. The most common types have slats made of aluminium injected with foam. Others are made of steel slats with a plastic coating. Various colours and finishes are available, including timber effect coatings.

Manual versions of roller garage doors are available, but generally we supply these doors with electric motors and remote automation. At the touch of a button on your remote control, the roller door will glide smoothly open or closed.

Maintenance is easy. There’s no annual painting involved. When the roller garage doors are looking a little grubby, simply wash them down.

When the roller door is closed, your garage is effectively sealed off behind the tightly linked slats. There are no gaps to admit draughts or damp, and the strong doors are almost impervious to any attempt to force them open. Roller garage doors are known to be the safest and most secure of any available garage doors, particularly when held closed with the aid of an electric motor which can only open the doors when you hit your personalised transmitter button, backed up with a sophisticated locking system.

As for safety, roller garage doors can be fitted with bottom-edge safety sensors, an anti-fallback device, infrared beams and collision detection devices.

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