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Mobility Garage Doors Wiltshire

There are around 13.3-million disabled people in the UK, most of them suffering with mobility issues to different degrees.

Figures (from the disability charity Scope) show that 3.4-million of the disabled population are working, so it’s a fairly sure bet that hundreds of thousands of mobility impaired people are struggling each day to access their private cars and commute to work.

Even those with no mobility issues don’t find it easy or pleasant to have to brave the elements on cold winter mornings, or bitter dark evenings, to open up the garage and extract the car, or put it to bed. For those who rely on crutches or a wheelchair, and others suffering from arthritis or back problems, it is well nigh impossible to jump in and out of the car to raise a heavy garage door, or battle with a side-hinged door in the face of a blustery day. Having such difficulties is depressing, and impacts on a disabled person’s ability to live independently.

Diamond Doors Wiltshire is therefore very pleased to be able to offer a solution for those living with a mobility problem. In fact, we have been able to make life that much easier for many disabled people living in Somerset and Wiltshire by converting their existing garage doors into automated garage doors, which can be opened easily at the touch of a button.

Automated Solutions

We are able to assess your needs and install the right technological automation solution to make your garage access simpler, more secure, safer and incredibly convenient.

No more struggling out of the cocoon of a warm car to wrestle with a stubborn garage door!

We can fit one of several types of new automated garage doors, such as Sectional doors, Up and Over doors or Roller doors, or we can automate your existing garage door (if feasible).

The doors are opened and closed when the door motor is activated by a radio signal, which you trigger by pushing a button on a remote fob from inside the comfort of your car. The fob is programmed uniquely to your door, and the doors will lock automatically after each operation.

Diamond Doors, Wiltshire’s premier garage door company, supplies, installs and maintains a wide selection of different types of garage doors including sectional garage doors; up-and-over garage doors; roller garage doors; automated garage doors; and specialised mobility garage doors. Call Diamond Doors today on 01225 632469 for more information about the different options.

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