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Up and Over Garage Doors Wiltshire

Up and Over garage doors are probably the most popular style of garage door in the UK. This is because they are designed to provide maximum security with the minimum of trouble, are very easy to operate, and are affordably priced.

We supply a wide range of top quality up and over garage doors for all sorts of commercial and residential premises across Wiltshire and Somerset. Up and Over doors are available in different materials:  steel, timber or glass reinforced plastic (GRP), with a vast choice of styles and colours, so you can match your garage doors to the exterior trim and other doors on your house.

A single up and over garage door is simply lifted up and then tilts inwards to lay flat at the top of the door opening, with about a third of the door panel projecting overhead like a canopy. The mechanism for this kind of door consists of rolling wheels on each side of the frame, with a folding arm attached to each side of the door. The wheels run inside a track on the frame as the door lifts up.

Up and Over Garage Door Drawing

An Up and Over garage door with a canopy operation can be converted to operate electrically, although it is not the ideal type of garage door for automation.

Another type of up and over garage door has a retractable mechanism with spring loaded side arms and a gear that can cope with more weight, while still allowing for easy opening. This sort of mechanism is recommended for heavy timber doors, or extra wide garage doors consisting of more than one panel. The retractable operating door is ideal for automation, with the addition of an electric motor. When fully open this type of up and over garage door is fully accommodated inside the garage above your head at the level of the top of the door frame. This type of door requires around one metre of clearance on the outside when opening, so it will need some driveway space.

We recommend electric up and over garage doors not only for the convenience of being able to remotely open and close your garage door at the touch of a button, but because the electric motor includes safety mechanisms which stop the door literally in its tracks if something interferes with its operation. Security features can also be built in to an automatic garage door which make it difficult to break in to your garage.

The Diamond Doors team are able to add automation with remote control operation to an existing up and over garage door, or with a new installation.

Contact us for more information about the operation, maintenance, automation or installation of up and over garage doors. One of our expert consultants will be able to help you choose the ideal garage door to suit your property and lifestyle.