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Sectional Garage Doors Wiltshire

Sectional garage doors have many advantages over traditional up and over garage doors. They are favoured because of their strength, safety and security. They are also great for space saving, not requiring any clearance because the door opens vertically and is tucked away parallel to the garage roofspace when open. Because of their design they are also suitable for installation in arched or oddly-shaped garage doorways.

Sectional garage doors are usually made of insulated steel, and consist of several horizontal sections that are hinged together. A variety of finishes, colours and effects are available so you can match the garage doors up with your exterior décor. Timber and aluminium sectional garage doors are also available.

Unlike other types of garage doors, sectional garage doors do not have a frame. Instead they are fixed to the structural surface at the sides and top of the doorway opening.

Sectional Garage Door DrawingBecause sectional garage doors are installed behind the actual doorway opening, rather than within it, they can be ordered in standard sizes and usually do not have to be tailored to fit. This makes them more economical and readily available.

The panels of a sectional garage door are opened by pushing them up vertically so that they curve into the headroom of the garage. The mechanics of a sectional garage door involve a spring system, providing smooth operation, which makes them very suitable for large garage doorways. You can operate a sectional door very easily manually, but the way they are engineered lends itself well to electric automation.

Sectional garage doors offer excellent security, so are particularly suitable if you store not only valuable vehicles but also tools or sporting equipment in your garage. Combined with a top quality electric operating system, it is almost impossible to break into a steel sectional garage door. When closed the door panels are locked firmly in place and secured by the motor itself.

Besides being secure, sectional garage doors also provide good protection from the elements. No drafts can penetrate because there are no gaps between door and frame, and the door panels are insulated to be thermally efficient. This means your garage stays dry and can be heated if you wish.

Many of our customers have upgraded their garage doors from the simple up and over type to an automated sectional door and have found that the new garage door not only adds to the kerb appeal of their property but is also convenient and reliable to use.

If you are considering a installing a new garage door, contact the Diamond Doors team of expert consultants so that we can recommend the right type of garage door to suit your particular property.